School Hire

The rink, an indoor facility, is close to Upper Hutt Rail Station, Maidstone Park (for lunch on a fine day or if wet have lunch at the rink), and H2O Xtreme (swimming pool). Check YAHOO CALENDAR to see if required date and time is available.


The cost is reasonable per child for up to a 2-hour session. Included is use of the Club’s skates/blades although children are encouraged to bring their own skates/blades. Please ensure the child has preferably knee length socks and has a drink. Teachers/Caregivers may skate at NO COST.

Numbers of pupils of 20 – 70 are best but this is not definite 



  • Music is played
  • Games, where everyone, is encouraged to join in.
  •  If a child cannot skate for some reason we may be able to provide jigsaw puzzles, colouring books, board games
  • Off the main rink we can arrange for the ramps to be in use.
  •  If required the sweet shop can be opened.


These MUST be at least 2 weeks from the date required. Bookings can be made at anytime during the year. Have an alternative time and date. To avoid disappointment, book early.


Minimum cost is $175.00. This will allow up to 30 skaters and includes skate/blade hire. Above this number the cost is $7 per skater.

Prices as from January 2008


The options are:

  •         Cheque or Cash on the day. A receipt will, be sent to the school by the Club’s Treasurer, or
  •         An invoice given to the person in charge of the school group, or
  •         An invoice sent to the school after the session

When a booking is made payment method will be arranged.



The rink is only about a 5-minute walk from the Upper Hutt rail station. There is a subway at the North end of the station and a pedestrian crossing on Park Street. Off road parking for buses and cars are available at the rink entrance

Contact numbers for rail/bus:





Tranz Metro

(04) 498 3103

(04) 498 2097

Runciman Motors

(04) 528 5279

(04) 528 7651


Cityline Hutt Valley

(04) 569 2933

(04) 569 2176

Stagecoach Wellington

(04) 387 8700

(04) 802 0133

Mana Coaches

(04) 235 8819

(04) 235 7037

Newlands Coaches

(04) 478 8315

(04) 478 2306


For more info, or to see the venue, before booking, please contact Bruce (04) 9388718 or Chris(04) 5297551 or email for a time to be arranged.


PLEASE NOTE: Skateboards, scooters, etc are PROHIBITED.